FAQ About Display stands | Exhibition stand UK

Most asked Customer questions:

Pop up displays:

Q: How do we supply the artwork?
A: Our website has an artwork pdf ready to download, or we send it by email. Everything required for the design is in the the pdf. The artwork can be uploaded to us or sent a high res pdf

Q: How will we know our design is correct?
A: You receive a full colour proof for final approval which we must have before going t print

Q: Can I change the graphics whenever I need to?
A: The Pop up graphics can be changed at any time

Q: Will it fit my stand space?
A: The pdf download has the footprint for clearly laid out.

Q: Which size is best?
A: We offer a full stand design service free of charge – all we need is your stand size and where the open sides are.

Q; How long does it take to produce the final Pop up display?
A: Usually around 4 – 5 days from receipt of final approved artwork to produce the final display with your custom Pop up artwork

Q: How long does it take to assemble the Pop up?
A: Depending on size between 15 and 25 minutes

Q: do I need any tools to assemble the Pop up?
A: No – no tools required

Q: Are lights supplied with the Pop up?
A: Normally – yes, but your Pop up can be supplied with / without Pop up lights

Q: Can Pop ups be joined together to form a larger display and maybe set at different shapes?
A: Yes – we can email several layout options for Pop ups showing how they can be formed using link panels

Q: Can you make custom heights?
A: Yes, our biggest to date is 2,884mm high x 12,160mm wide – that is big!

Q: What do we get with a Pop up stand?
A: A full set of hardware, a full set of graphics, 2 spotlights in most kits, a wheeled trolley case to hold all the componenets

Q: Can I use the case as a podium on my stand?
A: Yes, the case can have a matching graphic wrap and there are options for the top section to finish off the podium

Q: Is there a danger of damage in transit when we send it to events?
A: There is always the possibility but we send out Pop ups around the world to clients as far away as Africa and the USA AND JUST IN CASE YOU ASK – ALL OF THE HARDWARE HAS A 5 YEAR WARRANTY AGAINST DEFECTS

Roll Up Banners:

Q: You have a wide range, which one is best for us?
A: Please call and we will guide you to the best option to suit your needs and budget

Q: How do we supply the artwork?
A: Our website has all the details or call if you are not sure

Q: How will we know our design is correct?
A: We will advise you of any issues once we receive your artwork – most common issue is resolution of images – the higher the resolution the better

Q: Are they portable?
A: All RollUps are supplied with a carry bag

Q: How quickly are they assembled?
A: About one minute once out of the carry bag

Q; Which size is best?
A: Your options are from 600mm wide to 2000mm wide and from floor standing down to counter mounted A4 and A3 size

Q: can you produce to custom heights?
A: Yes, please contact us with your specification

Q: Any tools required for assembly?
A: No

Q: Is it possible to replace the graphic?
A: Yes, however it is best to use a cassette style Roll Up if you think you need to change the graphic regularly or you want to have different graphics for specific events

Q: Is it possible to link the banners to form a large graphic display?
A: Yes, we have a specific product for this – our DLPlus Link Banner – the banners are linked by joining links top and base an inexpensive way to create a “graphic wall”

Multi Media Displays:

Q: Is the screen included with the Multi Media Display?
A: No, however we have a range of Smart TV’s and Digital Screens available if you prefer us to supply the screen

Q: If I use my own screen how will I be sure it will fit?
A: Give us your screen product code and we will check it for you and advise if it is suitable (we use standard VESA brackets and therefore almost every screen is compatible with our brackets)

Q: Which Smart TV screens are best?
A: It is best to use LCD or LED screens as they weigh less than Plasma screens and are therefore easier for users to lift up to the bracket

Q: can we use Touch Screens?
A: Yes, the best way to get interactive with your audience – call us to discuss your requirements

Q: Is the display portable?
A: It is best to talk through your requirement with one of our advisors. Some displays have wheeled cases for ease of portability and others have re-usable cartons. Flight cases are also available to protect your investment and for international despatches

Q: How long does it take to assemble a Multi Media display?
A: The time for assembly varies substantially depending on the style of display selected – anywhere between 45minutes and 90 minutes

Q: Can we move the screen display around easily?
A: Some of our Multi Media displays have lockable castors fitted. Allows you to move the screen stand around as you need

Q: Why do most of your displays have screens and graphics?
A: The screen content has moving images for static onlookers and the graphics are needed for passing “traffic” to catch their attention. The graphics also display the corporate logo usually and maybe a Q code for downloads to Smart Phones

Q: You have various standard kits online, but can we have a display made to our specification?
A: Yes, we do produce kits to client specifications. Best to call to speak to an advisor and if you can have a budget guide to help us suggest an appropriate display that really helps both of us

Q: What are the advantages of using Digital Screens?
A: One of the main advantages of Digital Screens is that they can be networked, for example in retail or in receptions areas. The content for standalone screens is loaded via a USB stick and is then plug and play. You have complete control over the content – sequence, timing etc, using the remote control to enter your settings

Q: can the graphics be changed?
A: Yes, graphics can be changed at any time

Q: Are your Multi Media displays suitable for shopping mall promotional displays?
A: Yes, but always best to talk through your plans with one of our advisors

Outdoor Banners:

Q: Which style is best – the ones with the water fillable bases or the flags with the spikes?
A: It is your choice, both work extremely well outdoors

Q: Which shape is best?
A: The one you like and fits your message / logo best.

Q: What materials do you use for the printed graphic?
A: Depends on style selected – either a woven material or a pvc material – both specifically made for outdoor use

Q: How high can we go with these units?
A: Around 5 metres high is the maximum to maintain stability – our website includes Beaufort wind speed guides

Q: Is there a warranty on the products?
A: All products carry at least a I year hardware warranty and some have a 5 year warranty on the hardware